Heh heh. The in-crowd at college is the fucking loser crowd. These are the people who were the kings of their respective high schools, and then came to college. But the problem is, most of them don't realize that not only are they not all that... they're not even the bag of chips either. Their pedestrian brains can't fathom not being at the top of the social totem pole, so they repress. They find other people who think that they, too rule the school, and they reminisce about high school escapades, make fun on people wearing their backpack on both shoulders (which is everyone), and then drop out mid-march and go to work for their uncle.

Then again, I went to a school (Boston College) without that pathetic, asinine archaic Greek system, so maybe things are different where they pledge.

FatAlbertΘ: I didn't vehemently detest them for who they were. In fact, there were only two or three people in my high school who I really despised. But then again, my high school wasn't exactly normal - there really wasn't an "in-crowd". There were so many overlapping groups, it was very rare that you didn't talk to any one particular person in the school for any more more than a month. Cheerleaders and football players were in AP classes. Geeks played sports. The burn-outs were in the band and the school play. Anyone that chose to be social was accepted... except by a small few. And those small few are the "in-crowd" I'm talking about.

If anything, they amuse me. Tell me you didn't walk around Boston College laughing inside at how pathetic these people were? Like the kid that still wore his varsity wrestling jacket up until senior year? That was just funny.