Eastern-European foodstuff made somewhat famous to fans of The Simpsons. Khlav Kalash Man, voiced by Hank Azaria, has a recurring role on The Simpsons (although obviously not as prominent as Bumblebee Man, or even Dancin' Pete). Look for Khlav Kalash Man in the Pretzel Wagon episode, the episode where Lisa takes the bus, and Khlav Kalash Man's starring role, the episode where Homer gets booted in New York and tries to get pizza from the Khlav Kalash cart.

Apparently, however, there actually is a such thing as Khlav Kalash. Not sure if I'm bold enough to try it...

Khlav Kalash Recipe

600 grams mutton
600 grams lamb
4 tomatoes
3 carnations
1 onion
Assorted Spices (your preference)

Cut the meat into pieces and the onions into rings. Crush the tomatoes, and mix everything together in a bowl with the carnations. Add water and oil until you have a sticky mass. Blend in salt, pepper, and other assorted spices. Mold the mass into balls and fry.

Serve on a stick with crab juice or Mountain Dew.