Aired on Channel Ocho, Bumblebee Man is an international comedic sensation from Mexico. Dressed as a bee, his main talent is to get hit, stuck, struck, pinched, caught and shocked by various objects and making it look funny by saying an espanol reply to the situation. Example: Ay ay ay! No me gusta!

..Of course folks, this is a character from The Simpsons :).

Note: some informations were taken from the book The Simpsons, A Complete Guide To Our Favorite Family, (c) 1997 Matt Groening Productions, Inc.
Bumblebee man's real name is Pedro. He is also sometimes refered to as "Chespirito", since the character seems to be a parody of a well known Mexican comedian and actor of that name. Bumblebee Man's rare, but hilarious, lines also include:

"Ay, ay, ay! Es Homer Simpson. Me ha molestada. Oh!"
"Ahhh! It is Homer Simpson. He has disturbed me!"

"No es bueno"
"This isn't good."

"Ay, el policia!"
"Oh, the policeman!"

"El yo-yo es grande."
"The yo-yo is big."

"Ay, mi estomago."
"Oh! My stomach!"

"Ay, un gato malodoro!"
"Oh, a stinky cat!"

"Dos huevos por favor-ay, que lastima!"
"Two eggs please-oh what a pity!"

"Ay, ay, ay! Señor Ding-Dong!"

"Dios no me ama!"
"God does not love me!"

"Ah, tiempo para relaxar en paz y quieto. Ay, naranjas en la cabeza! Ay, una candelabra precariosa! Ay? Donde esta mi tequila?"
"Ah, time to relax in peace and quiet. Ow, oranges on the head! Ow, a precarious chandelier. Oh, where's my tequila?"

Who else notices that he says "Ay" a lot?

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