OK... here's a weird one...

There's a big party going on in my apartment (in reality, I don't live in an apartment). The apartment, as best I can describe it, looks like this: on on side, there are a bunch of booths, like a pizza parlor, and some large round tables. In the middle, there's like a Chuck-E-Cheese-like arcade. There's a small library on the other side, with a few standalone bookcases, and behind that there's a living room. This might not have been the layout for the entire dream, but it's the best I remember it.

OK, so there's this party. As it starts, almost everyone is in the pizza parlor area. Lots of people from my high school, lots from college, lots of people I don't know. We're just drinking and talking, like in a bar-type situation. I'm also trying to hook up with this one particular girl (not sure who it was, but her name was Erin). It's not going too well, so I go back to the living room where there's a family watching television. Not MY family, mind you, but A family. There's also a little girl, who looks about eight, but I'm told is three. She's Erin's sister. She tells me that the Erin doesn't think that I'm nice. If I was nice, she says, I would give her some tokens (for video games).

So, for the next part of the dream, I'm running around the apartment, looking for tokens. I try to bum some off of some high school punks who are playing video games, but they won't share. I ask around for the coin machine, but no one has seen it. Luckily, I remember where I put mine - on one of the bookcase shelves. I retrieve the coins (yes, they're coins now, not tokens), and return to the living room. Now the girl is speaking in some strange language.

A random guy tells me that she's been possessed by a "benevolent spirit". The spirit says that she has to eat a special sandwich in the woods while Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa watch, or the world will end at noon the next day. I tell Erin to get McGwire and Sosa while I bring her sister to the woods. She somehow already has the sandwich.

The next thing I know, we're in a pine forest. The trees are pretty spread out, and there's a wooden picnic bench. As we walk up towards the bench, I see Erin leading Mac and Sammy my way... their heads are stuck in these clamps, like the one that Harry Stamper wrapped around Colonel Sharp's head in "Armageddon". She eats the sandwich, but something goes wrong... it doesn't work. So I run back to Erin's house to tell her dad.

Her house is a white van, and of course, when I get there, both sisters are already there. Her dad is very angry at me for some reason. Erin tells me that I'm not hers anymore, and they close the window to the van (yes, it closes rather than rolls up). I pound on the van for a while, hoping that they'll hear me. It's imperative that we save the world. Eventually, I return to my apartment.

I have a roommate now. It's some random girl, and again, I don't recognize her. Upon entering (the apartment is now just a normal apartment), she tells me that the fridge is broken. I go to the fridge, and it's spouting out water. I open it, and find a hose disconnected. I connect the hose and the problem is solved. I close the fridge and walk to the sink. Erin comes in. I tell her that I thought she was pissed. She says that she was, but then she says that I'm not hers anymore. Again, puzzled, I say, I thought I never was yours. She says that I was, but that she just couldn't say it. Apparently, prior to me entering this dream, I had a relationship with the girl. I don't remember it. Whatever. So the two of us walk out onto the sun porch to discuss the end of the world, which I assume is still coming, but no one's too worried about it.

We don't get too far into the conversation, because at that point, I'm awakened by my alarm clock. That's it, folks. Told you it was weird.