Waking up earlier than I have to just to do homework never works for me. I know exactly what time I have to get up to make it to my 9:00am class, and that isn't a second before 8:50am. Well, this morning I just happened to sleep until that time. That means that I had to go to class totally unaware of what we were supposed to be discussing in my art class of 13 honors students. This is where the pulling things out of my ass technique comes in handy. I highly suggest high school peeps learn this technique before college Anyway, amazingly I sounded quite intelligent in class today. It is an art history class, so the words symbolic, deep, and profound worked just fine for me.

The next remotely noteworthy thing that happened today was in my English class. We just finished reading the libretto for Norma a couple of days ago, and my prof decided it would be good for us to watch about 15 minutes of it. I must say that it was an interesting 15 minutes. The opera was a taping of an outdoor staged performance. There was a terrible windstorm during the performance so in addition to the irritating sound of the wind in the microphone, the characters were nearly blowing away. Watching this was also a cultural experience. The opera was sung in Italian. It was subtitled in Japanese, and there were French scene settings. Perhaps the best part of the opera was that one character looked like a floating head. She had a black dress on and because they didn't have any lights, her body blended into the background.

After classes and some other "fun stuff," I went to Church for Ash Wednesday. Nothing exciting there-- that is until a bat decided to join the congregation. The singers were laughing, and the priest started joking about converting the bat because he seemed to be lost. Things started to get chaotic when the bat began swooping into people. People were laughing like crazy and all hell broke loose, but the priest carried on. I guess you had to be there to enjoy the situation to its fullest.

Now I am off to do tons of homework. Then I'll venture into bed where I probably will stay until exactly 8:50am.