One of the earliest beat em up computer games, by Konami. The main character, Oolong, went up against a motley assortment of enemies ranging from some fat bloke who was probably a Sumo wrestler to a woman with a lethal fan, to an evil version of the main character (a ploy used regularly by beat-em-up games ever since, presumably to save work on creating new characters or, uh, symbolise confrontation with our inner demons, or something).

As a rule all the characters were named after their weapons - Pole, Star, Sword and so on. The logic of this is obvious, but leads one inexorably to the surprising conclusion that our hero's secret weapon is a delicious and healthful bronze-hued Chinese tea, while the Sumo guy (Buchu) attacks with a minty herb used in South Africa for flavouring wines and treating urinary tract infections.