Sneek is a city in the north of The Netherlands. Because it is in the province of Friesland, it has a Frisian name also: Snits. Although hardly any Dutchman knows the Frisian names to larger cities as Leeuwarden, Drachten and Heerenveen, 95% of the Dutch population will connect Snits to Sneek. Still, the city is relatively small, as only 30,000 people live there. (One of them used to be my great grandmother)

Archeologists have found proof of habitations in the Sneek area in the first centuries after the year 0. Although cities like Leeuwarden have had city walls in the past, Sneek is the only present one with these monumental remains of unsafe times (although hard to spot). These were built around the year 1294, in which it received city rights.

Sneek is to be pronounced as the English word snake.

Main monuments to pleasure the (most German) tourists are the Water Gate, the Martini church tower, the Old Orphanage and the Train Station. It's tourist value is particularly established with the Sneek Lake (which doesn't rhyme in Dutch: Sneeker Meer), which is one of the most popular summer resorts in the country. Many sailors visit the yearly Sneek Week.

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