Rain has a funny way of magnifying emotions- especially the less joyous ones. The rain seemed torrential for a brief amount of time this morning on my ride to work, but lightened 10 minutes before my arrival.

Happiness this morning comes in surges- between the perilous memories and reflections throughout the commute. Water still in my heels, lacking breakfast in my stomach, and another Beatle is gone. Yesterday, I read this node and cried. We all make mistakes, especially in our youth.

I switch the music from an Ibiza mix to Sergeant Pepper. I rejoice in a Friday. Another friend will be visiting us from Louisiana this weekend. Detachable Penis and Dax (yes they are monikers) will be attending a two-night rave with us, beginning this evening. Sandra Collins, Sage, Prophecy, hopefully will be worth $27 per pop. Hopefully.

I pull into work. Remain in the car. Switch the music and lean back, listening to Delerium and Sarah's Silence before I go in. I am Rodrigue's blue dog. Sitting in a place hardly befitting me, here at this office sometimes. Looking at the sky, however, I feel... good. Like it is perfectly OK that there are no real truths sometimes. I unlock my door. Here we go, another day in the life.