Jay Buhner, outfielder for the Seattle Mariners, has the ability to vomit at will, without the aid of syrup of ipecac or sticking his fingers down his throat. No, it's just good old-fashioned muscle power.

While Ken Griffey Jr. was playing for the Mariners, they decided to play a prank on manager Lou Piniella. Griffey summoned Piniella, claiming that Buhner was very sick and couldn't play. When Piniella came in, Buhner blew chunks all over the place.

But when Piniella saw all the vomit, he got sick. And when Griffey saw Piniella hurling, he got sick too and ralphed all over the floor as well. It was one of those chain reaction vomits just like in Stand By Me.

Looking back, this was probably a lot funnier if you heard it first hand, but it's the first real-life chain reaction vomit I've ever heard of.

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