Egil Hegerberg is a Norwegian singer, famous from his one-man-band Bare Egil Band (Only Egil Band), and a hilarous person. He really stepped on to the national rock scene with the band Hurra Torpedo (Hooray Torpedo), performing a cover version of Bette Midlers Total Eclipse of the Heart played on deep freezer, stove, and guitar on NRK.

His musical career started when studying psychology at the University of Oslo. There were a lot of nice, blonde girls in the pysch major, so he learned how to play the guitar. That way, he could pick up chicks faster. Later he joined the Schau brothers and formed Gartnerlosjen. Kristopher Schau and Egil are the most successful breakouts from this hilarious band.

Here is a list of some of the bands he's affiliated with. (Last five years): Lyd, Hurra Torpedo, Bare Egil Band, DDR, Gartnerlosjen, The Cumshots, Black Debbath. Strangely, when he released the solo album, it became very, very popular in Japan. Strange indeed, because all the lyrics are in Norwegian.