Best wishes, Dizzy and Katyana!!

This has been a good week, and E2 helped making it good!

When I got a postcard from segnbora-t, I felt very international! :) And my story about Wallflower was a success. If I'm lucky, I'll write about Linux for PS2 and Björk's new album "Vespertine". I've always been a fan of Björk, and this new album is really nice. A step away from the club sound, and affected by the sound from "Dancer in the dark".

Also at a party at Frokostkjelleren, I really connected with this woman yesterday. She studies law, as me, but started a year earlier. Beautiful, charming, and highly intelligent. This might cure the ex-factor that has haunted me for some while now.
We talked and talked and talked. And she asked for my number. Being highly advanced in the field of modern communication, I asked: "What kind of cellphone do you have". She answered "Nokia 3310" and I sent her my number and adress through a businesscard SMS. She answered with a SMS saying she was glad to have my number.