But it's just a pet.

I had been waiting all week for the arrival of 'my' baby. She was born - I was highly considering naming her a biblical name cause she's my little power of prayer/miracle baby, Sarah was a strong consideration. She's a honey brown color and is 'nutty' hence I think she's going to be called peanut brittle - we'll see.

Ok, so that was the good news. The bad news is lost the mother. The baby was unusually big and literally 'ripped her open', they were going to do surgery by no luck she died on the operating table. I don't know any more details I'm just going to live with the fact that the baby was too big, but is alive.

But if left me in a bad situation - I now can't go to HD3 and meet people! I'm depressed.

The baby is being bottle fed, a lot. I'm working with her at another farm to hopefully get things straight for her to join our herd in Atwater.

Oh well, it's the start of summer it'll get better - I hope.