The crushing feeling of not knowing the future is looming all around me this week. The future is too volatile right now for even me to predict. Job or no job? If no job, where will I find a new job that can pay all my bills. Baby, boy or girl? I hope girl. Will I be able to afford the baby expenses? Which brings me back to job or no job. Dad is only 2 hours away. I can always go work with him. Would I want to live in a small town again? Very little pressure, very little change, very little exciting, very little to do. Pregnant wife, job or no job after baby is born? Stay home with baby, lose 1000 bucks month income. Save 450/month in childcare expenses. Take in another child to babysit, gain 300/month. Difference 250/month. Worth it or not? Depends on previous question of Job or no Job for me. Vicious circle. Life is wonderful. :)