Last night was a bit traumatic. Just as I was getting ready to go to bed J comes down in a panic. What if it's made of asbestos?. She's talking about the flue for our old gas hot water heater. This is going to be removed when we get our new water heater on wednesday. Obviously, the flue is made of something fire retardant. Oh! God! Anyhow, even though there wasn't a lot we could do about it just then, we still talked it around for a while, getting more and more tired and dispirited.

This morning I wrote myself a little python script to give me a preview of my writeups before I hit the sumbit button. I got fed up with discovering half my writeup was in bold superscript after I submitted it because of my chronic inability to close tags. The version I have does the job but now I'm at that stage you always get to when you write something. You start to think about cool extra features that you don't really need. Right now I wondering if I should make the links in the html that my script produces actually be followable into everything. So that way you could also test the links in the preview as well as checking what it looks like as html. Do me a favour, /msg me and tell me I don't need to do this!

I am incorrigible! The feature is added but I'm going to take a firm line with any further creeping featuritis. I noded it in that sumbit sinking feeling.

Just watched the video of Silent Running I made last night. It's an amazingly downbeat film. Think about it, the main character kills his crewmates and in the end commits suicide.You can't imagine that in a modern Hollywood movie. Very interesting film, but I'm not too sure about the Joan Baez soundtrack.

Got an interesting email from my brother about God's algorithm for the megaminx. He is trying to adapt an idea of Thistlethwaite that works for the cube to this case. This involves finding a suitable subgroup chain in the group of the megamix which has order roughly 2x10^68. Eek!

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