I am sitting in a school desk, with my head down on the formicha. I'm dreaming, I think, but there's no dreams there. Just gray blankness. I can't get up off the desk, my face is duct taped to the fake wood. My arms dangle, my feet don't touch the cheap tiles. There's a voice droning somewhere, I can't understand it. I want to understand it, but it speaks in tounges foreign to my mind. I panic; my face is strapped to the desk with some sort of strap, tape, or rope, and I cant open my eyes, they're glued shut. I have a sense of three dimensional space around me, but all I am concerned with is the hard plane my face is chained to. I try to open my mouth to scream in terror, but my lungs are filled with cigarette smoke and my vocal cords don't move, like they're cemented to my trachea. I try to flail my fists, but they hit steel walls. Finally, I rip my face off the desk, and wake up on my floor, next to my fouton with my alarm clock blaring horrible top 40 radio, Britney Spears singing 'hit me baby one more time'. Another day. Yippee.