In 1831, Michael Faraday made the great discovery of electromagnetic induction. Electromagnetic Induction is a method of obtaining an electric current with the aid of magnetic flux.

By moving a magnet in and out of a coil of wire, Faraday found it possible to create an AC voltage across the wires in the direction he moved the magnet. This is the principle that explains why your house now receives an AC voltage from the power company.

Electromagnetic induction results in a temporary change in the external magnetic field. An interaction occurs between the induced field (formed when the current is induced in the conductor) and the inducing field.

This proved to Faraday that it was possible to produce an electric current by the movement of magnetic flux relative to a coil of wire.

Electromagnetic Induction is the principle used in electric generators (also called alternators), microphones, electric guitars, transformers,and Tesla coils.