I sit and listen to the news and hear about the problems voting in this place and that place. I read about more problems in Florida with voting and how the election is rigged for Jeb. All of this makes me think about how the rest of the world thinks about this great democracy we live in.

I'm serious, stop and think about it.... If a person loses, he/she, it doesn't matter on party, will sue because the election has been compromised. I wonder if that would be the same anywhere else in the world. Can you imagine any other place where the loser of a vote would sue because he/she lost?

It makes me shudder to realize our democracy is the laughingstock of the world when it comes to elections.

But I'm off to vote on my way home from work. I have been trying to figure out if I should vote or not. I do not vote for president, as well all know my vote does not matter.