I haven't daylogged or that point nodded a lot recently. I have been trying to decide what great work I can add to the nodeshell and frankly I cannot figure out what I want to do.

Last night was the first night of registering for my wedding. It was acutally more enjoyable then I first thought. We spent a little over two hours at Bed, Bath and Beyond clicking on things we would like. Its quite a process. Some many things you have to figure out; what color will our living room be? Will this look good in the bedroom or the kitchen? Some decisions that I don't really care about, I just use the little gun to point and click.

On another note, I watched the Michigan-Ohio State football game today and became quite frustrated. Not especailly with the outcome, its just a game after all. But when the announcers are so in favor of one team that its all you hear about. For example, Michigan fumbles the ball and the announcer, Brent Musberger, states "the good guys have recovered the ball..." Who decides who is the good guys, what if you don't like that team? Do they become the bad guys. Whenever I hear the blantent favoritism I mute the TV and find someone else covering the game. It makes me really annoyed.