Sydney, 13:28

Well, the Olympics are over & I'm back at work. I tried to get to work early today to finish some software we needed for a demo today, but, of course, the traffic had entirely different ideas. So instead of getting to work at 08:30ish like I planned, I arrived at 09:45ish. Fantastic. Took me an hour to go 500 meters. Stupid idiot Lexus driver had to have an accident where I needed to drive - how selfish of him :)

Other than that it hasn't been too bad - lets see how the demo goes this afternoon first tho hey?


Well, apparently we aren't having the demo today. Just like we weren't having it last Friday after I worked 4 12 hours days in a row to get the software in a state that I could be demo because thats how many days they gave me at the start - Oh well... lucky I'm not a bitter person! :)