No wierd dreams this morning, how unusual. Almost late to work as usual. Seems that every day I can't get up any earlier than 7:40 and only traffic determines whether I'm late or not. Unfortunately, there's usually a lot of traffic.

My co-workers rambled on and on again about their granddaughters, their children, their husbands, etcetera. Sometimes I don't even realize they say the same things over and over again after they run out of things to say. Oh well, only 8 more days until the internship from hell is over. One comment someone made to me which gave me a chuckle was "Wow, you have beautiful eyelashes!". I think that one goes in the book of pickup lines not to use. Another notable event at work was that I actually fell asleep. They shoved me in the back room to rummage through microfilm, and thinking I was trustworthy enough, left me alone! That'll teach them!

The rest of my work day was uneventful. I came home and dressed for the dreaded cross country practice. I didn't do so bad considering how much time it's been since I stopped getting sick and when I started running again. Then I came home and wasted 6 hours on this newfangled computer gizmo. Oh well, tomorrow's just another day.