100 XP.

Ok, Today starts my Sukkot holiday from school: one week of sleeping, Quaking and noding. Yay.

I recieved today an email saying my project was approved by SourceForge.
My project is called SODA NS (for State-Of-D-Art News System. Yes, I know it's very, very kitchy. it's a temporary name). It is basically yet another Slash site system written in PHP. I've done it simply as a challenge I put to myself. And I gotta say - it looks really good so far.. Just a few more things and I've got my own Slashdot.
So anyway, the project was approved. I shall begin uploading and updating everything as soon as I get back from my vacation.

Yes, I'm going on vacation. Four days in glorious Eilat, with the close familty. Should be fun. I hope.
I'll have my laptop over there so I hope I could node from there. Or maybe just waste my daily votes.

So that's it, I think. hf.

Happy New Month!

yuck, so many mispellings in one little write-up. hope it's better now.