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More information about some of these items, may be found on E2's SourceForge page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/everything2/ .

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1 - 60

  • Version 0.1.??.1 of the Java chatterbox released - now doesn't choke on the newer ticker version.

11 - 70

  • (prettyization) As per Gorgonzola's suggestion, modified firmlinks (htmlcode) to only show "See:" (instead of "See also:") if there are no writeups in the e2node.

20 - 79

  • Updated displayvars (htmlcode) so it shows the number of key/value pairs when viewing a setting.
  • Some usergroups have messages sent to the group automatically archived, so a group member may later read the messages. The groups that get archived are stored in the allow message archive setting. However, it is easy to enter invalid keys and values, so one would think the usergroup is archived, but really isn't. Today I finished usergroup message archive manager (restricted_superdoc), which is an editor for that setting - it lists all usergroups, and if they are getting archived or not. Changing a dropdown box is all it takes now to change if the group is archiving its messages. (No more messing with the setting.)
  • (prettyization) Made usergroup message archive (superdoc) sort usergroups case insensitive.

24 - 83

  • More useless stats: added display of "controversy level" to writeups with more than a few votes. I'm still playing with it, so only editors can see it for now. If there aren't any problems, I'll let everybody get confused by it. (voteit (htmlcode))

26 - 85

  • "Controversy level" was supposed show how much "fight" there is between the + and - votes. For example, 0% == all votes in 1 direction, 100% = same + and - votes. This was just an idea that the general public never saw, because many of the beta testers (editors) thought it was a stupid idea that didn't add anything.

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