Ooh, the morning...

Had to wake up at unholy 7 am to do yard work for my mother. Had breakfast at her house, and apparently the food wasn't prepared well, but I didn't notice; I think being sick might have something to do with it.

Got to go to .. the dentist. I had a broken filling, over on that side of the mouth I never use, and I got that replaced. My face is still numb. The dentist noticed that my teeth on that side don't meet when I bite down. I don't think the original teeth are all there on that side though--I have an obscene number of teeth, I've had like six molars removed and still have a reasonably complete set. The dentist has some kind of weird pineapple-flavored anesthetic. Ick ick ick.

Got my hair cut. I no longer get to look like a rather fuzzy version of Wolverine from that X-Men movie. Oh well, it's better this way, I won't look too stupid when school pictures are taken in a couple of weeks.

Come back home to Everything2. Get the 'You gained experience!' message. Oo! Because I care, I dash off to my nodes list to see what. Someone seems to have systematically downvoted a large number of them. Hmm. Suppose it's my punishment for being a jerk last night about stuff and writing a couple of stupid nodes.

Does anyone else ever get the sensation that a downvote is like a slap in the face? Oh well...I guess I'm lucky my face is still numb.