Ah... the perfect weekend. How I love thee. Lets see. I've been doing absolutely nothing saturday. I woke up about 3pm after a restful 11 hours of sleep. We went and shopped for my father's birthday present which happened to be a pair of skis. I'm slowly being pulled into buying a pair of skis myself. I'm not quite sure if it's my thing and $200 seems like quite a bit. On the other hand I was told that since I enjoy my Katana (i'll talk about this later) I'll probably enjoy skiing. Who knows. I've finaly decided that I'll try it this winter. So we shall see. The rest of the day passed rather quickly and fruitlessly. I played a bit of Counterstrike. The game frustruates me to no end sometimes. It's really a team game and sometimes (most of the time) I have no team. The end result is: I rush. Woops nobody is there to back me up. One dead MrFurious. Some people (yeah yeah I'm talking about you Stromgald39 you bastard!) prefer to employ "Operation Human Shield"! Anyway it's rather lame. I finaly turned on the OpenGL drivers in my Half-Life so the game play is extra smooth on my aging celeron 466. Then I went and downloaded some crappy Russian science fiction. And boy was that a shitty read. Some extra lame plot involving time travel, good vs evil and religion. I feel embarassed really.

Of course I missed the meteor shower. I dutifuly went outside but didn't see anything. Maybe I didn't wait long enough. hyacinth gurl lives couple of blocks from me and she told me she saw quite a few meteors. And so did Lani. Now I really feel stupid. Shrug.

Yeah I bought myself a motorcycle! No, I'm not trying to kill myself; I'm taking it slowly. It's a lot of fun. The bike is a '92 Suzuki Katana 600cc. A smaller version of GSX-R if you will. I'm having a blast with it. Just replaced the rear tire; and the brakes need some tweaking. Other than that I can't wait till summer is back and I start giving people rides. You know what they say: "Two wheeled chick magnets".

The whole depth of my lameness become apparent when some of my actions are considered...or rather inactions. I've had a conversation with the receptionist at work this past friday. She's very cute and happens to be only a year older. For some reason she was really suprised to find out i was only twenty. For that matter people always seem to think I look older than I really am. It's rather ironic that I still feel 17 ;p. We had a really nice conversation; looking back at it now for some reason i was the one doing most of the talking. So I still don't know much about her. (my dog just woke up. he's looking at me funny.) Soon I will be past this friggin' block that won't let me approach people. Soon..!

That's it, i'm burned outTM. It really sux! I dont want to do anything! I can't believe I'm doing so well in school. I'm seriously thinking of taking the next term easy and taking summer completely off to relax and chill with friends. The graduation from university (if it is to happen) is postponed for another three years. Is it a problem? No..but... So who knows.

New year's is approaching! Tis the season to be jolly and all that. I honestly can't wait. First time in the last 3 years there's nothing majorly bothering me. I love it. I've decided not to have anything in my house, because everything at my house before, well, sucked. Unless more ladies come it's not at my house. Period.

Shrug. Nothing more to say here. Hopefuly I'll write couple of nodes about my limited motorcycle experience. Good time of day, whereever you are gentle reader.