(cat) by TAMU (print)

On February 14, 2002, Texas A&M University announce they had cloned a kitten, the sole survivor of about 188 cloned cell implanted in surrogate cats. Cc was born from a cat named allie and is a genetic twin of another cat, Rainbow. Both Rainbow and Cc are female calicos, but their fur pattern differs, due to the fact that patterns develop in the womb, not strictly driven by genetics.
CC stands for 'Carbon Cat', 'Copy Cat' or 'Cloned Cat', depending on who you ask.

/msg from our resident Organophysical Chemist Skinwalker: cc the kitten and her "mom" don't look the same b/c calicos are genetic hermaphrodites that have an XXY chromosomal pattern. it's a 50/50 crap-shoot over which X chromosome controls coat color/pattern.

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