Woke up at 8am and gave mom a ride to work. Didn't really have to because class (first day too) started at 11am. Bummed around for two hours, tetrinet and then TV downstairs. I flipped to Space and what do you know, they were showing a rerun of TNG. Man, I remember when I used to watch it every day, religiously. I even picked up some habbits from Captain Piccard. I love that show. Simpler times, few years ago, I was so much more naive :) Westley Crusher must die indeed. What an idiot. But that episode set the mood for the whole day.

Left for Langara about 25 minutes before the class started. The drive took about 15 minutes. Pretty refreshing considering my drive to SFU took 40 minutes in the morning and over an hour in the evening rush hour. Parked about half a block away since the weather was more than excellent. Took a 10-minute walk to the campus while listening to my volt.
Get to class (Data structures incidentally) and it's full of ugly geeky people all of whom are males (just like myself. damn) I look around and see a guy i used to know a while back. Son of company owner i used to work for in '96. Weird. Of course he doesn't recognize me, and i make no attempt to talk to him. He's talking to his buddy about dropping the class.
The prof starts the lecture. Pretty sad show; i guess my sense of humour is out of phase with his. However he seems to be a nice guy since he left me in without the prereqs. The class finishes but not before the teacher manages to make an ass out of himself by trying to explain what sort of tcp/ip stack Windows 2000 uses. What a joke.

Get to work at 12:30 eat my lunch and get to it, so to speak. The company has been deteorating for the last few months. Not particularly because of the dot com crash but mostly because of mismanagement and poor organisation. Porn and gambling never disappear. I end up looking over a legacy app we must support and let me tell you it ain't fun. Whatever. It's my job and I gotta do it. Promise to write a script tomorrow. I have two hour breaks between classes hopefully it'll be enough time. I'm planning to lug my laptop with me, hopefully there's a 'net hookup in the library somewhere or something. I'm thinking now that I should've spent an extra thousand and gotten me a nice second hand VAIO. Oh well. Two of my physics classes start tomorrow. We'll see how that goes - maybe they are more exciting.

I still feel awkward reading other people's daylogs - people that i know that is. I feel like a stalker especially since some of them are girl's. On the other hand it's not stopping me right now as the dirty voyeur in me kicks in. I'll decided eventually.

My latest node spree was caused by an arcade game - Strikers 1945. I already noded the Hayate and I'm planning the Flaying Pancake. Of course I managed to forget the other 3 planes. Check tomorrow in the arcade, after i go to the gym. Over and out for now.