Yet another popular ASCII-to-Postscript filter for Unix. Used in generic print filters or standalone on the command line.

Like a2ps, mpage combines two logical tasks: ASCII to Postscript conversion, with the aid of gs, and the option to specify headers, frames, and margins; and putting Postscript intput onto multiple pages, again with options to set margins.

In the Unix toolbox philosophy these two should be separate utilities, so mpage can be accused of bad design in combining the two. But this is still worlds away from the bloat of a2ps which now attempts to be a generic print filter, mixing inbuilt formatting and delegation to other utilities in quite an obscure way, and also printing to a printer by default if you compile it the wrong way. *sigh*

mpage accepts Postscript input, omitting the text-to-Postscript conversion in that case. You already have psnup for that purpose, but mpage can be more convenient.

mpage is quite popular these days, RedHat Linux uses its in its standard print filter, for instance.

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