A blind man's dog was sniffing my ass as I got of the train this morning. I saw him on the same train last summer, and over the winter while doing the out-of-school-temporary-work thing. As I stood there waiting for the train to come to a stop I felt this abrupt whiskery thrust at the seat of my pants, I slowly turned my head to the side to find a pathetic looking yellow labrador retriever in a harness pulling its head away and the blind man with dark glasses.

I pretended to ignore the dog's harassment. As I turned back around to face the train doors,it started working downward sniffing my calves, then finally stopping at my horridly beaten sneakers where it sniffed some more. I moved my foot to attempt to halt the groping, but it quickly followed my foot over a few inches and persisted with the sniffing. Pssssht the train came to it's usual abrupt stop and the doors peeled open.

The second time I'm sexually harassed in a (remotley) work related incident, on both occasions the assailants have been animals. Coincedence?