"And we all do things which we regret"

Today started like any other. I had to go to church like usual, oh well. My brother and sister faked sick and didn't have to go, bastards. All through church they hinted at voting for Bush due to his being pro-life, I've had enough prayer for politics thank you very much.

I have an english project due on wednesday which is gonna be easy since I have 2 other people's reports sitting in my inbox right now. Ramsey and I went to the Philadelphia Free Library to find some stuff in the OED and other ideas. We spent a few hours there, and decided it would be a good idea to make a CGI to automagically generate a paper for next years sophmore class. On the way back home we stop at McDonalds and run into Aurash, who works there, he got expelled for exposing himself to a group of girls, he's still a jackass.

So right now, I'm at home, splicing together someone else's report, listening to music and noding. Oh yeah, and M$ decided that I'm worth having on the Windows Whistler beta, which means I'm due for a 3ft stack of beta discs in the coming months.