Every other week or so someone comes into my church talking about who we need to vote for to protect the children, or some other ideal. While I may or may not agree with them, the concept of bringing politics into church sickens me. I'm an atheist myself, but my parents force me to go to their church. This concept still annoys me to no end, watching someone come up during the sermon talking about who we need to vote for and how if we don't, we're going to be burning in the lake of fire. If the church could just take a stand on issues, and let the parishoners worry about who to vote for at home, it would be fine. I'm all for allowing the church to say "we feel abortion/foul content/pornography is wrong", but not "we feel x is wrong, now go vote for cantidate y or else." The saddest part is that 90% of the parishoners clap after the diatribe, maybe out of kindness, or maybe they believe what they're told since it comes from an altar, I don't know.

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