"It goes one for the treble, two for the bass, she's got nut all over her face."

Things aren't really bad, but aren't good either. In English, it's Lou's birthday, Elise made him a card. Hai'Jing thinks Elise likes Lou, whatever. Feng is not nice, she keeps comparing me to this weird looking guy on a poster in our room, she say's I'm pale like he is. I go to her "I can't helping being 25% Irish." and she's like "I'm only kidding." Bullshit. I need to forget what she says, because if I let her get to me, I'll end up getting all depressed.

Music lit was hilarious, I scored a 90 on a test, I do not spend one moment awake in that class. Another girl got a 14, out of 100, I can't see how you could manage that. On to lunch, Christine thinks she can 'cure' me from liking asians, so she points them out and then tells me not to look, some plan. I'm sure it will work about as well as her plan to keep me off caffeine, which is not at all.

In Chem, I talked with Fillip and Caitlin, nothing much got accomplished but it's better than working or anything. Gym with Allen Jones, my volleyball team lost both games and I kept getting yelled at by my teammates. If you want me to play my position, why don't you play yours, and stop jumping in front of everyone half the time, bastards. I had a quiz in Algebra 2/Trig, beforehand I took an Excedrin and damn did I focus and get it done in like 7 minutes to the surprise of lots of people.

After the long day we had a pep rally, what a piss poor way to end a day. My friend Joe goes to me "You know, it was probably a rally like this that started the nazi party." If Chris would have been in school he coulda got us both out and driven home before the damn thing. Cheering, Music, loud, manufactured, all rolled into one hourlong event. People cared, I mean people actually made a big deal of it, like it mattered, I asked a girl what we would get if our class won, and she answered me, "Nothing." And that's about how much time you should put into the entire idea of it.

Quote of the day: "School spirit can suck my cock"