Played alarm tag 3:30-5:30AM. After yesterday's moderate success at waking and getting to work early, I had hoped to repeat the performance, but no dice. Poor blood sugar management was part of the problem.
All week me and my QC lab associate have been struggling to adjust to Monday's 50% layoff. Today I had to cancel my lunch date with the receptionist at the last minute, since my associate had to attend a spontaneous meeting. The layoff also means more weekend overtime requirements, which I resent, even though I mostly just kill my leisure time.
One of my co-workers offered me his Pentium/166 when he finishes raiding it for components - I plan to run Debian on it. Drove the Shadow home, and immediately hopped a bus back to within a block of the factory. All the way across town, the crazy woman in the back of the bus chanted "put that shoulder down, you been bad", something about "a world of hurt", and rhymes of "father" and "bother". Picked up the Sundance, timing belt replaced and heater core de-sludged, and drove home again. Cleaned up trash scattered by possums or raccoons. Renewed domain registration, paid bills.
Dad moved into the Lyndhurst house yesterday; I look forward to having my spare room empty of his computer and filing cabinets.