Early to bed, late to rise. My assistant made me blush and laugh today. Flatmate's parakeet "Egg" gnawed me, hooking her little sharp beak under the cuticle of my thumb, because she hates to see anyone holding the other bird ("Pee Wee"). She doesn't like to be held, herself; I think she just perceives humans as some sort of threat to her cagemate. Fortunately, parakeets are too puny to pierce my tough human hide. The roach coach had my favorite (taylor ham, egg & cheese sandwich) for the first time in weeks. Found a little background material on the Gloranthan River of Cradles campaign.
Dinner: egg noodles and tobasco in chicken broth. Camel Turkish Gold cigarettes undermine my non-cigarette-buying discipline; I am up to pack 8 for the year. On the upside, I'm all out of marijuana and have no urge to acquire more, and I haven't brought beer or cider home in well over a month.