A treat: Dairy Queen. Ever since I read The Stand a decade ago I cannot think of DQ without the phrase "ersatz ice cream" swimming through my focus of consciousness. Cables arrive to complete my KVM switch setup. The PS/2 ports for the keyboard and mouse seem to be crossed on one block, and a serial mouse doesn't translate to PS/2-mouse-cabled clients, but otherwise it all seems to work swimmingly. No more unplugging the monitor every time I want to switch computers! With this minor victory under my belt, I am inspired to finally coax Win98 internet connection sharing into functioning properly. IE5 on NT is bitchy, but eventually complies with the grand scheme. HOORAY
Dinner: leftover stir-fried vegemables and some potato salad. Entertainment: part 1 of Meet Joe Black, and a chapter of Conrad's Quest for Rubber. Maintenance: Haircut.