One of the nine schools of ninjutsu, possibly founded by Sasaki Goeman. Little is known of its fighting techniques in The West, but it is known that it uses Sutemi throws.

"It is a faction if Kosshijutsu and was founded by Sasaki Oroueman Akiyari. A characteristic of the Ryu is the kind of weapon it uses, it is known for its superior use of the Nagenawa, a lasso."
-Hidden Ninja Sumbission by Hatsumi Masaaki...note at least 3 different versions of the founders name.

The Soke of the school is not crystal clear. Hatsumi Masaaki lays claim to it - as does Ueno Takashi, although it is possible that Takashi is dead and that Kaminage Shigemi is his inheritor.

Soke of Gyokushin Ryu according to Hatsumi

  1. Sasaki Goeman Teruyoshi
  2. Sasaki Gendayu Sadayasu
  3. (Unknown or kept secret)
  4. (Unknown or kept secret)
  5. (Unknown or kept secret)
  6. (Unknown or kept secret)
  7. (Unknown or kept secret)
  8. (Unknown or kept secret)
  9. (Unknown or kept secret)
  10. (Unknown or kept secret)
  11. Toda Seiryu Nobutsuna (1624-1644)
  12. Toda Fudo Nobuchika (1658-1681)
  13. Toda Kangoro Nobuyasu (1681-1704)
  14. Toda Eisaburo Nobumasa (1704-1711)
  15. Toda Shinbei Masachika (1711-1736)
  16. Toda Shingoro Masayoshia (1736-1764)
  17. Toda Daigoro Chikahide(1764-1804)
  18. Toda Daisaburo Chikashige (1804-1818)
  19. Toda Shinryuken Masamitsu (1909)
  20. Takamatsu Toshitsugu (1910-1972)
  21. Hatsumi Masaaki (1968-)
Soke according to Kaminage Shigemi
  1. Sasaki Goeman Teruyoshi
  2. Sasaki Gendayu Sadayasu
  3. Endo Tomozaemon Yoshichika
  4. Endo Yoemon Yoshito
  5. Baba Shimpei
  6. Otake Gendayu
  7. Obana Gizaemon
  8. Nagano Zaemon
  9. Niki Gonuemon Yoshimasu
  10. Nakajima Yojihei
  11. Enomoto Kinzaburo
  12. Ueno Ryukichiro Toshihide
  13. Ueno Kujuro
  14. Ueno Takashi
  15. Kaminage Shigemi
There is some confusion as to whether or not this second list belongs to a new school of martial art: Gyokushin-ryu Koppo and whether or not Hatsumi holds the Menkyo Kaiden for this as well. It is known that Takashi and Hatsumi trained together at one time.

Source: Paul Richardson