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I mean, if I had a million dollars worth of cheese, how could I turn that into money?

If I were you, I'd sell it to a number of major supermarket chains. Assuming the cheese is good quality, they would undoubtedly buy it if you could offer, say, a 60% price reduction. That's still $400,000 to you. I base this on what happened here in the UK during the BSE crisis. Major supermarkets found Beef wasn't selling at its normal price, so they cut the price. In half.

A lot of lower income people don't buy beef regularly because it is expensive compared to, say, baked beans. When they found they could buy beef - and thus raise their standard of living - they did. It practically walked off the shelves. Good cheese is similar: the nutrition per dollar is low compared with cheaper foods. Resultantly, most cheese buyers come from income groups where they can afford the luxury taste of good cheese.

Clearly, cheese isn't going to be as popular as beef, because it simply isn't as nice, but at a sufficient discount, I expect they would be willing to buy quite an amount, seen as it would be distributed nationally.

On the transport issue, you probably wouldn't need that much in terms of shipping. The majority of supermarkets have their own regional distribution depots, and you would only have to deliver to these and they would ship it to their stores. You don't see lorries for every different supplier in supermarkets' loading docks, right?

Obviously, you don't actually have a million dollars' worth of cheese, but if you did, supermarkets are the way to go if you ask me.