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Clearly, you are entitled to any opinion you want, as long as it is factually sound. Similarly, it is your choice whether you buy an SUV or not. I am simply going to offer a few quick counterpoints.

  • They get bad gas mileage
    The Honda Insight (A hybrid gasoline-electric car) gets 60 to 70 MPG, according to . It does 0-60 in 11 seconds, and costs around $20,100. That makes 20 MPG seem rather inefficient.
  • They pollute more
    I cannot claim to be a pollution expert: you may well be right. 'Everyone else does it', however, is not in my opinion an excuse for polluting more than you need to. Also, the page at states, that "Transportation, specifically the combustion of fossil fuels in our vehicles, is the single largest source of human-made greenhouse gases". That seems a pretty clear statement.
  • The safety issue
    One of my friends was once almost hit whilst out walking, by a drunk driver in a Ford Fiesta. He is an expert in martial arts, and has very fast reactions; he jumped up before the car hit him, jumped on the hood, rolled across the roof and landed, standing, in the road behind the car. He was completely uninjured. Had the drunk been driving a sports utility vehicle, he would be dead. Clearly, this anecdote does not make up a comprehensive argument, but it is an interesting example.
  • Pickup trucks are worse
    This may well be the case. Most pickup truck users, however (At least in the UK, where I'm from) need them for something, i.e. their work requires them to be able to transport large, heavy things around. They require them for functional reasons, not for vanity and showing off. Also, people don't usually go shopping in their pickup, or pick the kids up from school in one. That is, they are not regularly driven in urbanised areas. This makes accidents less common.

Obviously, I could be wrong. Maybe in the US, it's common to pick the kids up from school in a pickup truck. I don't know. If anyone else does though, feel free to /msg me corrections, or add a writeup of your own.