So, last week I spent shabbos at my teacher's house. Her son was there, and he had a friend over. And I dont remember the friend's name. But I dreamt that he was driving me home from said teacher's house. Someone I know form school, Hadassah, was also in the car. And I was flirting a bit with the guy driving me, hoping he'd make a move on me so I could rebuff him (cruel, I know). He dropped me off at my mom's house, or rather, in the middle of her block- the house is at the end. It was nighttime. The three of us got out of the car, in the halo of the streetlamp. I took the guy's hand, and Hadassa- thinking it was just a friendly gesture- said something to effect of "Him and not me?" and took my hand. We walked towards the house.

I was with Everythingers. We were all going down an escalator. There were 3 newbies there- all young, observant, Jewish guys, wearing kippot. One of them asked another how old he was, and the other, by way of calculating the answer, began, "Well, I went to Israel when I was 17..." At the bottom of the escalator, which I may have ran down, I fell so that I was lying flat on my back. I was afraid my hair would get caught in the escalator and pulled under. So I reached out my hand to the man standing over me- one of the newbies- but he didn't help me upp, he just walked on. I guess he was shomer negiyah. I yelled out- "all the white people on Everything are Jews!"- and walked off towards one of the chatterbox rooms. There were of bunch of these, throughout the larger hall we were standing in, and each rom was for noders of a different denomination. This room was for the Jews. There were a bunch of people there, including Sima, the director of senior Yachad. I was tremendously hyper, and said so as I tried to jump onto the metal examination table in the middle of the room. I tried but I couldn't get onto it on the first jump.

In the big hall outside, there was some discussion of user names. Someone had chosen, as a name and username for his/her newborn baby, a name which was not in words at all, it was visual- a collection of colors, little pellets, maybe candies, poured into a tube. Everyone applauded this choice.

I was in a bathroom. It was very dirty. Another person I know from school, Lisa, came in and started complaining about something. Someone came out of a stall and I went into it and sat down on the toilet. On the inside of the stall door was a poster with a picture of Maimonedes on it. It also had a description of his work. It called him "Commander, or Commandre" Maimonedes. And it listed about 5 Jewish historical figures whose ancestors had been saved by the Maimonedes, in his medical capacity.