Winemakers in a small region of France called cognac had worked for over a century perfecting their art form before Rémy Martin began production in 1724. Over 250 years later, his brand of cognac still gives flavorful pleasure to millions of consumers.

Rémy Martin was already successful in wine production business before he opened his own company to produce cognace. Drawing on this experience the business, despite the heavy restrictions in place in cognac production flourished. Soon, Rémy Martin was one of the leading cognac producers.

The business suffered few setbacks in earlier years, losing many hectares of vines when the Phylloxera contaminated France in 1875. This insect which is related to aphids causes severe damage to grape vines, feeding on the roots of the plants until nutrients can no longer be carried throughout the vine. Native to North America when it was inadvertently brought to Europe in 1860 caused horrific damage to European grape vines throughout the continent - which has been blamed on the plants not being familiar with the attacks (compared to American vines which had grown partially immune).

Despite this heavy setback for the business, which at this stage was still family owned, continued to grow and gain international recognition. Unlike many liquor businesses, the company refused to diversify until the early 1980s. In order to increase its distribution network, the company acquired 2 champagne houses: Charles Heidsieck in 1985 and Piper-Heidsieck in 1988.

This diversification drive continued, with the purchase of a variety of Bordeaux wine producers and merchant houses. In 1989, the business acquired Mount Gay Rum from Barbados along with the Italian liqueur giant Galliano.

Rémy Martin also took over distribution and marketing of 2 famous scotch whisky brands, the single malt The Macallan and the blended scotch The Famous Grouse.

In 1990, the business merged with the French spirits producer Cointreau to form Rémy Cointreau Group, increasing the brand's distribution network and increasing the profile of the now merged companies products.

Rémy Martin has benefited from the rise in hip hop music, with the brand being mentioned by many performers. It is widely believed that this influence saved the cognac industry, which was heavily affected by the collapse of the asian markets in 1998. It is estimated that 80% of cognac sold in the US is for the African American market.

Today, Rémy Martin is the second largest cognac brand in the world, and produces 80% of the Fine Champagne Cognac exported from the region.


Standard Release

  • Rémy Martin Grand Cru
  • Rémy Martin VSOP
  • Rémy Martin Club
  • Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal
  • Rémy Martin X.O. Spécial
  • Rémy Martin XO Excellence
  • Rémy Martin Extra
  • Louis XIII de Rémy Martin

Duty Free Exclusive

  • Rémy Martin VSOP Reserve Exclusive
  • Rémy Martin X.O Premier Cru
  • Rémy Martin Cognac de voyage Sea Line
  • Rémy Martin Cognac de voyage Altitude
  • Rémy Martin Cognac de voyage Trek
  • Remy Martin What Now