These crazy noder people wore me out!

I've had the rather unique introduction to E2 in that I've met noders before nodes. Some hella sweet people, and very good company.

Here I am, watching my FireBomb stud play Magic at Iguana's Friday afternoon, and NatchLucid NEEDS a ride to the airport. I sweetly offered FireBomb's assistance, and he took her to find OcelotBob. I finally got to meeting everyone around 7 that evening, and after a couple hours arguing logistics, narrowly escaped No Shame (sorry Natch <3) and endured loud whiny complaints about the size of my Honda from the boys in the back.

I did accompany everyone on their Saturday field trip, first visiting the feminist porn store. What a bizarre place. I am quite accustomed to the normal porn stores, which smell like old cigarettes and have biker dudes strewn about the place, parked near the magazine and video racks and occupying most of the space in the arcades. This was a world apart. I had known that men tend to be visual creatures while women remain focused on tactile experience, but I was not prepared for the serious dearth of hard-core videos and magazines in the place. No, aside from the fuzzy furniture, it was mostly toys and instructional manuals and books. Amazing. I was about as uncomfortable as the boys, however, especially after reading the signs on the wall near the door.

"...I don't know why women are ashamed of their bodily functions. I love menstruating. I love the feel of the blood flowing from my uterus. I love the smell. I try to get some on my hands every month...."

"...Did she say 'no?' Was she asleep? Was she drugged? THEN IT WAS RAPE!..."

"...Endorphinden Tattoo, featuring the work of Miss Kris Evans..."


The menstruation thingy bothered me, since during my lifetime, if I could count a singular thing about my body that bothers me, it would be that. But more power to her, I spose.

Vortex has always rocked my world, I could stay in there for hours playing with the various tchotchkes. Ice skating hurts, sushi rules, and fo'ties suck. I didn't even make it through the party Sat. night, because everybody had worn me out. I damn near fell asleep watching Sugar High Glitter City.

I had always held this belief that one should never offer to meet a person one meets on the Internet. Paranoia? Perhaps, but it always ran with my other indoctrinations of 'never take candy from strangers,' 'look both ways before you cross the street,' and 'be on the lookout for date rape drugs.' Thanks to these 11 people for dispelling that for me. Turns out I am the E2 type, and you have all corrupted me! Now all that's left for me is to attach screen names to the real names I labored to learn over the weekend.