A game of ever changing possibilties. Roborally, instead of using a static board with pawns, counters and such, has modularized every aspect of the game.

Modularzation starts with the board. There are six boards (more when expansions are purchased) that each have their own idenity. The boards are as follows:

These boards can be aranged in any number and in any order and shape that you want.

Next is the "track". The goal of the game is to touch the flags, but the flags are not printed on the board, they are counters that can be placed anywhere on the board you wish.

We then get into the pawns. Throughout the game you can add options to your robot so that each player can have a different strength.

Lastly there is movement. Each turn you are given a certian number (depending on your damage) of assorted move cards, and you can choose how to arange them to make your move. But be wary of opponents close to you since they can attack and push you out of thier way, and even into a pit.

Several expansions have been created for Roborally adding even more modular effects and expanded posibilties. The current expansions are:

Although there are unlikley to be any more expansions as WotC seems to have stopped supporting the game

This game was created by Richard Garfield, and produced by Wizards of the Coast. It won the 1994 Origins Best Fantasy/Science Fiction Board Game

Board Game, formerly published by Wizards of the Coast, and written by Richard Garfield. In robo rally you play the part of a planetary control computer who, on a lazy afternoon, has decided to pit himself against other planetary control computers in racing robots across a hazardous factory floor.

This is accomlished by using a deck of program cards. Each player starts the begining of each turn with nine cards, but only has to use five of these to construct a program to get their robot accross the factory floor avoiding obstacles and other robots.

This game is currently out of print and still shrink-wrapped copies of the game are fetching up to $80 on ebay. The game is popular amongst geeks due to the programming aspect. The combination of luck and strategy make for interesting play.

There were four expansions released for the game which added more playing surfaces and additional program cards. The expansions are: Armed & Dangerous, Crash & Burn, Grand Prix and Radioactive.

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