Autechre divided their fanbase and critics with this 2001 release; there were some who thought this album was too cold, sterile and unlistenable - that half the tracks were just technological synth noodling, with no real substance or direction. Then there were those, more recent fans who had been introduced to Autechre's later output, such as 1998's seminal "LP5" (also sometimes known as Untitled, or Autechre.), who thought Confield was a revolutionary album, years ahead of it's time, a wonderful synthesis of old and new. Indeed, the critics seemed to hold this view more often than not.

However you, or your friends may feel about this album, it is unquestionably unique; from the rolling, ring mod bells of the ambient opening track, "VI Scose Poise", to the insane whirlwind tape loop stutters of "Bine", to the last, spluttering glitch of the final track, "Lentic Catachresis", this is a polished, revolutionary peice of modern electronica which has kept Autechre one step ahead of all their peers.

This album can be very heavy listening; it took me several months of exploration and listening to it in darkened rooms before it truly began to shine. For newcomers to Autechre's oeuvre, I suggest that one starts with their earlier material, since you'll find it helps to put the album in perspective if you work chronologically, mapping the development of their sound.