Gantz Graf was released by Autechre in 2002 on Warp Records as catalog number WAP256. The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Gantz Graf (3:54)
  2. Dial (6:17)
  3. Cap.IV (9:02)

The first track sounds like typical Autechre, fast beats, confusing at first, but the pattern emerges upon relistens. The next track is almost electro in its use of an odd synth-line, contrasted with the glitchy beats. And finally, the last track, which is arguably the best one, sounding like ghost-like ambient played alongside a stuttering CD-player.

The cover is a dark blue tint with the ae logo on the right hand side. The release also contains a DVD which contains 3 music videos:

The pseudo-German of the title is just that. If you remove the 't' from Gantz, it could sort of mean "rather graph" or "somewhat graph," but alas. One would be wise not to put too much into these things.

Sources:, the actual disc.

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