I thought I should point out, in response to CaptainSuperBoy's note, that spreading peanut butter and jelly on your matzo might not be such a good idea.

In addition to unleavened bread, there is another category of foods that Ashkenazi Jews (Jews of European descent) may not eat during Passover. This catogory is called kitniyot in Hebrew and translates approximately to legumes. So, during Passover, you may not eat beans, corn (including corn syrup, which is by far the hardest part of Passover to observe), or rice. Oh, and peanuts. So, peanut butter is out. I recommend cream cheese.

Another interesting note about matzo is that in order for it to be considered kosher for Passover, it must be prepared in under 18 minutes. That means that from the time to flour touches the water, there are only 18 minutes in which the matzo must be rolled, cut, and finished baking. After 18 minutes, the flour is considered to have risen, and the matzo is leavened, and therefore not to be eaten.