This is my first daylog here.

As I've noted on my homenode, several years ago I was an editor/writer for BioTech Resources, an educational website run out of the chemistry department at Indiana University. We had a kick-ass site full of biochemical information goodness. I became obsessed with creating the biggest, bestest science dictionary on the Web. And, for a few months, we had just that.

But we were operating on grants and other soft money. Not good. The grants ran out. Tensions ran high. As a result, I had some of the absolute worst interactions with a supervisor I've ever had. I nearly grew an ulcer. We tried hard to get other funding, but it just didn't work out. (actually, we were foiled at nearly every turn by IU's Office of Technology Transfer, but that's a whole separate rant).

The project ended, and most of us moved to other cities for work because Bloomington has a pitiful economy. The professor who had been sponsoring the project moved to the University of Texas and the BioTech site moved with him.

There it has remained, mothballed, subject to link rot and increasing obsolescence. I've tried to do maintenance work on it when I've had time, but after their server got hacked by script kiddies, they locked it down and it's been hard to do decent work on it, as both Telnet and FTP access have been cut off.

And in recent months, the server keeps going down. Every time, I'm afraid it won't come back up for air.

And then I joined e2. And lo, the light dawned.

I thought, "Yea, for what I hath writteneth, I shall nodeth, and thus the information shall liveth forever on a decent servereth, and nay, it shall not disappeareth into the aether."

So I've been noding like a madwoman.