Nobu in New York City is famous due to the celebrity of it's head chef Masaharu Morimoto who is Iron Chef Japanese on the popular cooking competition show Iron Chef.

Nobu in New York serves East-West Fusion cusine. Unlike most east-west fusion resturants which serve American or French dishes ith flavors inspired by the east, Nobu serves up distinctly eastern dishes with flavors that appeal to the western diners. Nobu in NYC is also famous for it's sushi, and boasts some of the best sushi chefs living in America. Their creations are presented with utmost care in flavor and presentation. Prices are reasonable for New York dining, although if you want the best of the best expect to drop at least $65 per person.

The best thing to do at Nobu is order omakase, or "the chef's suprise". You merely tell your server how much you wish to spend (minimum of $45 for lunch or $65 for dinner), and the chef will present you with his own unique creations. More money spent on omakase doesn't yield you much more in the way of food, but gets you higher quality or rare ingrediantes. In my opinion this is the only way to eat at Nobu, also you can be assured not to go over your budget, although it is (in my opinion) worth it to spend a little extra when ordering the omakase.

If you enjoy japanese food it's worth a visit to Nobu, next time I'm in New York i plan to drop by. If you want a table you must have a reservation, but if you go around noon you can almost be assured of a seat at the sushi bar.