Iron Chef Chinese Chin(Chen) Kenichi:
Iron Chef Chinese owns Akasaka Szechuwan Restaurant (The Iron Chef owns twelve resturaunts total, but this is his "flagship"):
Asaka Shisen Hanten
Chiyoda Ku Hirakawa chou 2-5-5
Zenkoku Ryokan Kaikan

An average meal will run you between $90-$160 US Dollars. The Iron Chef and his staff prepare some of the top Szechuwan cuisine in Japan. The restuaunt takes up two floors, the first being for regular dining, the second (upper) floor is reserved for banquets. At the resturaunt you can also buy Iron Chef items, such as a pin in the likeness of Iron Chef Kenichi.

Iron Chef French Hiroyuki Sakai:
Iron Chef French owns La Rochelle, located on the 32nd floor of Tokyo's Toho Seimei Building. Dinner at this resturaunt, located in an upcasle bussiness neighborhood, will run you considerably more than Iron Chef Chinese's place ($150-$300 USD). But for more affordable dining one can go to Chef Sakai's Grand Cafe (found on the same floor and building as La Rochelle) where one can find drinks, snacks and the occassional buffet. Also at the Cafe one can find some Iron Chef Items, such as the Sakai pin (similar to the Chin pin, only featuring Chef Sakai). La Rochelle has a website (in japanese) at
Sakai has recently announced intentions to open a resturaunt in New York City.

Iron Chef Japanese Masaharu Morimoto:
Morimoto-san is the head chef at Nobu in New York City. The Iron Chef has recently announced his intentions to open his own resturaunts in New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. The topic of the Iron Chef's departure is a sensitive one at Nobu.

Iron Chef Italian Masahiko Kobe:
Iron Chef Kobe recently (February, 2000) opened his own resturaunt in Tokyo

1-23-22 Ebisu
Tokyo, Japan

The menu at Massa changes daily, and will run you between 2000-6000 yen. Lunch is the most popular time of day for patrons of Massa, dinner is served also. The resturaunt is small so getting a table can be difficult. The popularity of the resturaunt so shortly after opening can only be explained by the celebrity status enjoyed by Iron Chef Kobe.

Iron Chef French Yutaka Ishinabe: The former Iron Chef French owns the popular french resturaunt The Queen Alice Guesthouse. Lunches start at 3,500 yen and dinners start at 7,500 yen. A web page exists for the resturaunt at

Iron Chef Japanese Michiba Rokusaburo:
Dishes of the first Iron Chef Japanese can be enjoyed at Rokusan-tei in Ginza and Brasserie Rokusaburo. He also has a restaurant in Akasaka named Poisson Roksuboro, however he is most frequently at his resturaunts in Ginza.

Iron Chef Japanese Nakamura Koumei:
The second Iron Chef Japanese is the head chef at Nadaman, located in the New Otani Hotel in Tokyo. This five star resturaunt serves breakfast (starting at 2,000 yen), lunch (starting at 2,800 yen) and dinner (starting at 5,500 yen). The hotel features 32 resturaunts and bars. The Hotel's website (in english) can be found at:

Special thanks to the web pages mentioned above and, as well as neumerous Iron Chef mailing lists and newgroups for this information.


Masaharu Morimoto opened a restaurant in Philadelphia with Stephen Starr, talented owner of a few other Philadelphia upscale resaurants.

Morimoto works as head chef and claims to be happier in Philadelphia than in New York.

The restaurant, called Morimoto after its chef, is located on the North side of Chestnut Street in Philadelphia between 7th and 8th streets, not far from Philadelphia's Market East station, just a few short blocks from the city's Asian Cuisine hub of Chinatown.

Prices range from 30's and 40s up to the $80, $100, and $120 fixed price options.

Phone number (215) 413-9070, reserve about a week ahead of time for friday and saturday nights.

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