November 30, 2000
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I'm still swamped at work. But I sweep out the corners when I get time.
Besides handling some of the daily title edit/nuke request stuff, I laid a beating on fled noder no bye no aloha who'd left a bunch of vitriol that added no value to the site. E1 users stubb and maura were banished along with the 2 www nodes they had between them.

With the advent of Node Heaven the Logs may be less relevant. No one even did one yesterday! So I thought I'd try something new:

Node-fu report cards

Several noders have asked, either overtly or implicitly, for an evaluation of their node-fu. Here is my first attempt. I'm always glad to check out the work of a noder, especially newly minted ones. Is this helpful or just self-important? Let me know. (It's hard work to do, no point unless it helps.)

The Cow

The Cow's writeups seem well written. The Cow's factual work is good, though some writeups would benefit from a bit more details.

I was disappointed in only one of the writeups I visited, Now You're Screwed, which is a hoary old joke that should be attributed (likely to "Anonymous") as I'm fairly sure The Cow didn't invent it.

The Cow mentioned in the catbox needed 8 more writeups to get to Level 2. I'd suggest filling all of the hard links under the names of the moons, that would result in 12 new writeups (Blue Moon is already filled).

I voted nothing down, voted many things up, and killed nothing but an accidental duplicate writeup under St. Patrick.

Brawl's Node-fu rating: B+


Nightshadow's work is quite impressive. At first I feared that some writeups might not be entirely Nightshadow's original work, but after some further reading I am convinced they are. Check out War is a necessity ... quite erudite for a second writeup. I wondered right away, but the following, Starfleet Officer's Field Guide to First Contact shows up on Google clearly attributed to ... Nightshadow¹!

A random sampling of Nightshadow's work told me that we're looking at one of two things: a good writer who stumbled into our happy home, or a deeply devious plagiarist. Checking out Nightshadow's website sealed the deal for me, I think it's the former.

I enjoyed most of the Nightshadow nodes I sampled. I was disappointed only in I can degrade myself better than you can, which seemed to be atypical, until I noticed the clever piped links.

I voted nothing down, voted several things up, and killed nothing.

Brawl's Node-fu rating: A

1. Search Google with "Starfleet Officer's Field Guide to First Contact" and you get E2 hits. I've never seen that before!

Moved from Editor Log: November 11, 2000

Hello, nodegel fans.

I've been by every day, servicing E2 Nuke Requests and making E2 Title Edits. I am way too busy at work to do much else, sadly.

However, today I handled some of yerricde's fled noders list.

I removed the sole writeups of fled users wheaties5, Whore-Master, WeeWillie, Weisenhiemer, Wembley Fraggle, Wakkow, wintahmoot, yetinu, yortt and ZenFox then deleted those accounts.

Along with that I deleted fled, nodeless users: Willy2, wdbdee, Way Sedated, Wyatt, wedge4prez, waveclaw, Winter.Shade, Wildes Frettchen, Wibbly, wiretrap, Wilykat, walker, WeAreDO, Webster_1913, WareWolf-2000, WareWolf_2000, WareW0lf,, WareW0lf2000, weeb, Weeb!, weeblin, wakkawakka, weazl, withak30, What? Leave me alone., Womble, wiggum, What'sThis?, wiwiz, whatwhat_what, warper, wekke, writegrrrl, WoMo-Team, WonderDitz, windowlicker, wraith, youthInAsia,, Zac, Zaffle, ZahrGnosis, zakalwe, zal, zameels, zanfro, zannah, zaphod, ZaphodBert, zasif, zasu, Zawash, ZBeeblebrox, zchin, zd505, zealotta, zed, zedman, zedsdeadbaby, zed_coldfire, ZenAgain, Zenbukirai, ZenISU, Zenopus, zep, zephc, zephyr, Zephyr_Enzis, zeppo, Zero Muskrat, zero98atm, ZeroH, Zero_, Zeus (with some trepidation), zev, zfunk79 and Zico_Arthur.

I left fled users Whittey, Webster1913, Wee Malky, Whitehawke, yanowitz, Yaron, Yertle, youdontknowmetoo, Zacariah Parenthesis, Zaphod42, Zenkaku and zerohero as their writeups were at least marginally useful. I left fled user Webster l9l3 because although I was 100% certain that the difference between that noder and Webster 1913 was just 'i' versus '1', I was ... afraid of what might happen.

The Y list was very short because I had done a manual garbage-collection under Y not too long ago.

Moved from Editor Log: November 19, 2000

Ah, to spend the weekend adrift in the nodegel. To feel it coalesce into a newly formed writeup; to send that writeup out into the wide world and interact with the community of nodes; to help new users to learn to do the same. These are the simple pleasures, the ones that make it worth explaining the eyestalks to my coworkers.

Writeups removed:

  • Ryan Phillippe (person) by xdc. Expired content about Episode II casting.
  • online journal and the nodeshell by fled user seqsy. Pointer to user's web page.

Nodeshells removed:

I got most of those left by Fruan's work. I left plan b because I may node something there in a bit, after I mull it over.

Moved from Editor Log: November 18, 2000

Long have I been away; but soon shall the golden master CD be given unto the hands of manufacturing, and then I shall return to spend more time bathed in the radioactive coolness of the nodegel.

As a warm-up, a bit of weeding took place today:

  • Centre (idea) by fled user Az. Pointless.
  • girls (thing) by fled users Az and seqsy; (idea) by Lost^boy. Pointless.
  • C! (idea) by Mars the Infomage, intromorph and (with agreement) bheistein. Pointless.
  • toriphile (person) by h3rcusl333z and the nodeshell. No info.
    Nothing against Tori Amos, just that this writeup was a waste of gel.
  • l33t (thing) by h3rcusl333z and DragonAsh. I admit to a bias against 133t speak. Do it well or not at all.
  • If you were a vegetable:r4 (idea) An E1 style nodestring by leper79 and R1ngL0rd.
    Note to those with writeups in ...:r3 and ...:r2 - Please head 'em up and move 'em out, pronto!
Also the fled user ago was sent back to heaven.

I have backed off on the fled noders deal to minimize disruption of the gel:

What is it?

I feel a great disturbance in the 'gel;
as though hundreds of noders had cried out in terror,
and been suddenly silenced.
I feel something terrible has happened.