Today (technically yesterday, I guess), a dream was fulfilled. Something that I had given up to fancy, something that I thought would never come to fruition. It's small, but in the life of a business major with a passion for music, it's huge. My a cappella group recorded the first CD in the history of our group.

We all crawled out of bed this morning around 7AM, and headed to an NYU dorm on 10th Street to warm up and get loose for the day to come. Each of us was exhausted, as a night in NYC preceding this early morning does not mix well.

We took the N/R subway uptown to the recording studio. As we stepped into the beautiful building that would be our home for the next 9 or 10 hours, we felt the "preshow jitters." There was a tension in the air, as if we were about to give a live, on-stage performance. When we first entered the cozy little room with the microphones set up in it, we were in awe. This is where it would happen. This is where we would record and document our voices forever (or at least until we lose the CDs).

From the moment our musical director played the first pitch of the first song at 10:02AM to the last splicing of the last song at 7:10PM, I felt a swell of pride inside myself. As I probe deeper within myself for the reasons behind this sense of pride, I realize the answer. I've been in this college a cappella group for a couple years, but I have yet to get something tangible from the experience. Now, finally, I have something. This is something that will remain one of my most treasured possessions throughout life.

So this is how it feels when doves cry.