In yesterday's paper the editorial cartoonist wrote (and I laughed in agreement) That this place has... two seasons January and summer. The Heat Is On and not much rain this year to boot. My son dropped me off at the post office to mail a package on his way to work Monday and I decided to get my walk in by walking from there to home. All was well until yesterday morning at the gym. They're remodeling and the A/C was out, I had to quit 15 minutes early because of heat sickness. No end in sight for things to do yesterday. Number Two Son had to be up early for a placement test in Science, which I'm happy to say he passed and was placed in Biology. Both of the boys are self motivated and independent learners. I honestly believe it started with their Montessori pre-schooling which encourages the students to learn what they're interested in at their own rate. The teacher is there to monitor and answer any questions they might have. Both hold many honors from school now and are Honor Roll students. It was a real blessing when I was ill, they could keep up their studies and had the iniative to ask someone for help when they needed it. I was disappointed Number Two Son didn't try for advanced placement in English. I reminded him that he won the Young Authors Award in 5th grade and (He got to go to Casa Grande to present his book). He really did a neat-o job on it. It was written as a diary of a young soldier during the Civil War. He nearly set the house on fire buring the edges of the dairy to make it look like it had been found stuffed in an old chimney. He took apart my leather belt to make a binding for it, wrapped it in tissue paper and put it in an old staionary box I had lying around. Then he typred up a label and applied it to the box like it had been in the museum library;

West Virginia Department of Culture and History Library
West Virginia
Historical Documents

I was looking through it when I cleaned his room out the other day ... I had forgotten the said:

" Dedicated to my mother who always helps me out and never lets me give up."

Number One Son has to reregister for college grrrrr.... and orientation. That's the way it goes with him....

Hubby has been looking for another job. He had a lead on one at the Sonoma Bay but the owner pretty much blew him off, said he couldn't pay him what he makes now, so he's looking at working for the Post Office. We are looking at 8 years of trying to pay for college educations and still have some sembalence of a retirement. He's going on vacation in a week and he would love to go back to Disneyland. I wish we could too, but we're still paying off the last trip in December. While we were there I got to meet the Webmaster and his wife of the chatroom I stumbled across when I was new to the internet last year. I feel safe there, they make sure we can have a pleasant chat. It was a real treat to meet them. They have such a wonderful family and I would like to see them again..... it went by too fast.

Replaced the valve stems and valve seats in the bathroom sinks and all the innards of a leaky toilet. That was a job and a half. I had to use a hacksaw blade to cut through one pipe and someone (who refuses to identify themselves) broke my hacksaw Dad gave me. Cut my fingers up good too! As a girl I saw so little of my dad I spent every waking moment I could trailing around after him when he was home. This included checking runways on the air force bases for debris, as well as fixing cars and plumbing. They were some treasured times I spent with him and I try to do the same with my sons. Number One Son did stop by the bathroom briefly as he wanted a short lesson in plumbing and Number Two Son had to tear himself away from Diablo II to hold a pipe for me while I tightened a lock nut

Later on during my walk I had to stop dead in my tracks as I recalled my doctor asking if I was still married. Now where did that question come from and why was he asking?
I did get the lab results back from my last check up and all is well except the prolactin levels which are always high.

I have a pipe dream now. I have to go through rehab and hire an employment agency and all that to get off of disability. No word yet on when I go in for the neurological tests, but I'm hoping to get a job as an Airline Reservationist. That way I can fly for free around the world and meet some of these wonderful friends I've made on the internet. Hubby says I can go to Amsterdam where some are planning to meet next summer, if I'm working. I hope I can make that dream come true!

Lately the nodes seem to just fly by and I feel like I'm losing touch with what's going on with everyone here. I can barely keep up and yet I want to get the last 183 done to Avatar then go back, update old ones and clean out the useless ones.

She said to herself,

If only I touch his cloak. I will get well.
- Matthew 9:21 (TEV)